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What Is The Green Package?

Apr 07, 2017

China has came up with the concept of green package in 10 years ago. There are two meanings of  green package which are environmental  protection and resource regeneration. Here are the specific meanings.

1.Reducing package. When the package meets the conditions of protections, convenience and sales, it should be reduced.

2. Package is made to easy recycle and reprocessing. It is the most practical and positive way to develop green package at this stage. Such as Polyester bottles, feeding-bottle and beer bottle made of class can be recycled many times. Those can not recycled should be decomposed as much as possible.

3. Package mush do no harm to human and biology. Package material should not contain  toxic elements and heavy metal, or the quantity under state specified standard.

4.  In the process of using raw material, manufacture, product usage and recycling , it should not cause any pollution to human beings and environment.