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What Are The Hazards Of Plastic Bags?

Oct 18, 2016

People know that plastic bag on the harmful effects of humans on the environment has a great, green Hefei non-woven bags, practical in recent years by the consistent high praise. So what harm plastic bags in what areas?
 1, discarded plastic bags accumulated in the soil, can interfere with absorption of nutrients by crops, and finally, inhibiting its growth.
 2, the plastic itself is toxic, and if the animal has no intention to swallow and difficult to digest, and over time will directly lead to animal deaths.
 3, plastic bag is not easy to break down, follow the landfill will occupy a lot of space and land, the land will be unable to recover for a long time, sustainable development has been hampered, and even destroy the ecological balance.

Harm of plastic bags have a lot, it can be said is a threat to the Earth system, along with plastic limit order enacted, plastic bag use has now eased, Hefei non-woven bag has become the most popular category.