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Promotion Of Bio-degradable Bags Paving The Way For The Future

Oct 18, 2016

Environmental protection concept has permeated every industry, plastic bag production, too, has released plastic limit order because of pollution on the environment it is difficult to calculate. And promote the use of various types of reusable bags is Government agencies has been to emphasize things.

Biodegradable bags, is in the process of production of plastic bags add masterbatch for degradation of the plastic bags, subject to certain conditions can automatically explode. At present, after exposure to sunlight, moisture soon melted plastic bags, sanitary, nontoxic, pollution-free features, has become a mature product, you can take to reduce or eliminate the "white pollution" of tomorrow.

But difficulties in promoting the use of reusable bags, plastic bags or in the market account for a large proportion of the, part of the reason is because the bags cost is high, prices will be more expensive. Against this reality, the Government, businesses, people, we need to plan and participate in promotional bags used to.