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Plastic Bag How To Do Recovery?

Oct 18, 2016

Due to degradation of the plastic bag and the relationship will cause damage to the environment, the best is the effective recovery of plastic bags take. There are several common recovery methods.

1, melting regeneration

Principle is the reheating of plastic waste plastic bags. One is the resin plant scrap, melt recycled plastic products that can be made from good quality; there is also a variety of mixed waste plastic, the last plastic products made of poor quality.

2, energy recovery

Waste plastic combustion of heat can be collected and used for other purposes.

3, pyrolysis

After a selection of waste plastic pyrolysis can get fuel oil and fuel gas.

4, chemical raw materials

Applied chemistry chemistry approach to decomposing waste plastics, and transformed into chemical raw material that can be used.

Although these methods are feasible, to a certain extent, ease plastic bag pollution, but the symptom, not the cause, the best way still is to constrain the use of plastic bags.