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Paper Bag Making And Species

Oct 18, 2016

Paper bag production:

A: the courier bag making kits

Courier bag is often seen in our daily life, we also use express to send files, courier will usually give several courier bags for your next use. We can use received abandoned courier bags or not new courier bags used for the storage of information, copies of these papers, and more information, this information categorized in a different courier bags, to facilitate future lookups, while very effective use of the courier bag, ready to scrap away.

1, courier bags ready, tip here is basic good courier bags before they can use it.

2, ready for marking pens and scraps of paper.

3, it prepared the relevant information, such as case.

4, we use a marker to write on the paper prepared for the reception of categories of information to facilitate quick find it later.

5, and then the related information (for example, cases) into the courier bag.

6, we can also visit card and other cards to be put into courier bags in plastic cover on the outside, so as not to put courier bags easily slip.

7, file in turn, and finishing is completed, we can put these up into unity courier bags, all kinds of information in a file in the storage box to facilitate rapid checking of the future.

8, so we made a paper bag.