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Large Scale Application Of Biodegradable Materials Outlook

Oct 18, 2016

With energy prices, as well as environmental issues become more prominent, worldwide biodegradable materials instead of traditional oil products witnessed a gradual pace of accelerating trends, expects the Government to introduce appropriate policies and laws and regulations, and encouraged the market, large scale application of biodegradable material prospects.

Biological degradation material including with biological technology directly business take of polymer material, as poly hydroxy fatty acids ester (PHA),; with biological technology business take of raw materials again by aggregate get of a material, as poly lactic acid (PLA), and poly d II acid d II alcohol ester (PBS), and poly amino acids,; also also has starch base biological degradation plastic, and carbon dioxide copolymer real fat family poly carbonate ester (APC),.

Starch-based biodegradable plastics are starch modified, grafting and other polymer blends and processing of plastic products, plastic can replace the General in the industry, can be used as a packaging material, shock-proof material, plastic, food containers, toys and so on.

PLA is lactic acid as raw material formed of polymeric materials, nontoxic, nonirritating, high strength, easy processing and excellent biocompatibility characteristics of products can be fully biodegraded after use, therefore, PLA is a way to achieve truly ecological and economical effects of bio-environmental protection material, is the most active and fastest in recent years, research and development of biodegradable plastics.

Poly butyl glycol succinate by succinic acid and butyl glycol by condensation, is currently the world recognized the best properties of biodegradable plastics. Because PBS comprehensive performance, reasonable price, has wide application, can be used for packaging, tableware, cosmetic and pharmaceutical bottles, disposable medical supplies, agricultural film, pesticides and chemical fertilizers delivery materials, biomedical polymer material field.

Polyhydroxy fatty acid esters are natural polymers polyester, are some bacteria and polyester in the synthesis in a cell under specific conditions. More than 90 genera of bacteria are found more than more than 150 kinds of PHA synthesis. PHA currently commercially available products are poly-hydroxybutyrate (PHB), hydroxybutyric acids and hydroxy acid copolymer (PHBV) and beta-hydroxy acids and hydroxy acid copolymer (PHBHHx).