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Development And Application Of Environmental Protection Bags

Oct 18, 2016

Bags should have both, on the one hand is made of natural material can be reused; the other was bad residual solid waste after use in the natural environment, cause harm to the environment (or environmental hazards is very small compared to other materials). Ordinary plastic bags discarded in the environment it is difficult to degrade, even after a small decomposition can also produce harmful substances.

Plastic shopping bags are consumables in daily life, China consumes huge amount of plastic shopping bags each year. While plastic shopping bags provide convenience to consumers, due to reasons such as excessive use and recycling is not in place, have caused serious energy and resources waste and environment pollution. Especially the ultra thin plastic shopping bags is damaged, most were discarded as "white pollution" of primary sources. At present, more and more countries and regions have limited production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags. For the implementation of the scientific Outlook on development, building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, from the source to take strong measures, and urge enterprises to produce durable, easy to recycle plastic shopping bags, guiding, encouraging people to use plastic shopping bags, and promote comprehensive utilization of resources, protecting the ecological environment, to further promote energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Now we use the so-called "green bag" roughly divided into the following:

1. non-woven bag (reusable, finally recovery on this loop can be called environmental protection)

2. the canvas bag (as opposed to other materials and it is the most environmentally friendly, no pollution to the environment)

3. cotton bags (and the canvas bag-like characteristics)

4. Velvet bag (mostly rayon-cotton/polyester, and needless to say our clothes on the fabric)

5. polyester cloth vest bag (polyester cloth, similar to the common umbrella fabric and lining for clothing, because bags are usually made of this cloth vest, vest bag)

6. other environment-friendly fabric bag (linen cloth and canvas of different nature)

Use reusable bags

1. can significantly reduce the use of plastic bags;

2. the service life is longer than the paper bag;

3. can be recycled;

4. low cost, easy to promote.

China's environmental protection industry is relatively small, its borders and content are continuously extended and enriched. With China's social and economic development and industrial structure adjustment, direct contribution to the national economy of China's environmental protection industry will be changed from small to large, and gradually improve the quality of economic performance, promote economic growth and improve economic and technological level of industries. Connotation of industry expansion will be focused in the direction of clean technologies, clean products, environmental services, and so on, the concept of environmental protection industry in China will also evolve into: