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Connected Health Remains Touchstone At Phillips-Medisize

Aug 06, 2018

During a press conference at the co-located Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) and PLASTEC East event in 2017, Matt Jennings, President and CEO of Phillips-Medisize Corp. (Hudson, WI), shared the results of a survey that sought to gauge interest in connected health technologies among CEOs of medical device, pharma and diagnostics companies. Phillips-Medisize asked the CEOs to rank four key themes, one of which was connected health, in terms of business value. The results are represented in the chart below—the circles in white signify the least value while those in gradations of blue represent the greatest value. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

“If we had done this survey just four years ago, the connected health category would have been white for the entire medtech space,” commented Jennings at the time, noting that it “is getting progressively blue.” If Phillips-Medisize were to repeat that survey today, I’m willing to bet that we would see an even deeper shade of blue for connected health. Phillips-Medisize wouldn’t disagree: It recently announced the release of its third-generation connected-health platform for its drug-delivery and pharma customers. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

The 3G platform builds on the success of the company’s first connected-health solutions and incorporates more than a decade of experience developing related devices, said the company in a news release. One milestone along the way was the development of the first combination product for medication adherence to be approved by FDA. Patient compliance is a major challenge in the medical and pharma space, and connectivity is one tool that has the potential to ensure that people take their medication at the prescribed dosage and frequency. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

Approximately half of patients do not take their medicines as prescribed, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Using connectivity in drug-delivery devices such as injectors and inhalers supports patients through reminders, incentives and peer communities, improving compliance and, ideally, outcomes, noted Phillips-Medisize. The technology also can be used to capture patient data and integrate it with electronic medical records and other data from pharmacy and internet-of-things devices for analytical purposes.

In developing the third-generation platform, Phillips-Medisize teamed with industry-leading healthcare IT providers. The goal, Bill Welch, Chief Technology Officer, told PlasticsToday is to achieve “a platform solution that is scalable across multiple patient therapies and populations (low to high). We will be sharing more information on our platform partners as we get closer to the final launch date,” Welch added. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

As connected health systems begin to demonstrate incremental improvements in adherence and patient outcomes, Phillips-Medisize expects the market to grow, initially in the United States and Europe. “While the solution is suitable across the globe—and our platform is built on technology accepted in over 80 countries—we do expect the United States and Europe to be the first adopters,” said Welch. “In addition to applications on our customers’ drugs approved for marketing, we also expect to see applications focused on clinical trials that may benefit from data collection.”

The cloud-based, third-generation connected-health platform further demonstrates [our] commitment to meeting industry, provider and patient needs by building technology that is sensible, scalable and cost-effective, commented Phillips-Medisize. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

Phillips-Medisize LLC, a Molex company, is a global outsource provider of design and manufacturing services to the drug delivery, consumable diagnostics, medical device and specialty commercial markets. The company operates 21 locations throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and China and has a global workforce of approximately 5,400 people. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.