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Characteristics Of Plastic Bags

Oct 18, 2016

The invention of the plastic bag has brought great convenience to human life, but more and more people do not know how to effectively use of environmental protection has led to globalization of plastic pollution.

Compared with the traditional plastic bags, bags have advantages:

Speed selection 1, water-soluble, dissolve completely in water, toxic pollution-free;

2, strong stretching, tension is good;

3, high transparency and gloss;

4 high, soft, comfortable;

5, good oil resistance, solvent resistance, heat seal, can be printed;

6, low air permeability and barrier well;

7, plastic buckle or self-adhesive plastic bags;

8, excellent antistatic properties, does not absorb dust and so on.

9, can be water, air, Sun and biodegradable. Usually a month or so, it can be broken down into harmless substances.