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Carbon Fiber PP Grade Finds Home In Center Console Bracket.

Aug 08, 2019

A center console bracket molded from carbon-fiber-reinforced polypropylene (CF-PP) is set to make waves at the upcoming K Show in Düsseldorf, Germany. The part uses grade Fibremod CB210SY, which is 20%-reinforced with “second use” CF offcuts and employs a matrix resin optimized for better surface aesthetics. Game accessories and game card sleeve, deck box, binder.

Borealis’ Fibremod CB201SY was selected for use in the center console carrier of the new NIO ES8 SUV because it enables a part weight reduction of more than 10% when compared to PP LGF30. It also offers far more design freedom than customary for a relatively complex injection molded part, along with good dimensional stability and high stiffness. The useful and unique design features a storage space for a designer handbag in the center console. Lack of an engine in this electric vehicles opens up opportunities for more storage space, according to Nicholas Kolesch, Head of Marketing, Automotive Polyolefins, at Borealis. Game accessories and game card sleeve, deck box, binder.

Borealis is also debuting a hybrid grade, Fibremod CD211SY, filled with 10% CF and 10% talc. “This grade is suited for body panels where high flowability and paintability are required,” says Kolesch. “This grade offers better stiffness and also uses carbon fiber offcuts, but we are considering using recycled carbon fiber,” he adds. Game accessories and game card sleeve, deck box, binder.

Adds Kolesch: “After launching our first generation of Fibremod Carbon grades, we quickly recognized a strong demand for applications we had not originally envisioned: body panels, and other structural interior applications with complex geometry, and with class-A painted surfaces. We are innovating along with our customers and value-chain partners and expanding our Fibremod Carbon portfolio to offer additional lighter weight, durable solutions with enhanced surface aesthetics.” Game accessories and game card sleeve, deck box, binder.