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Atomic Layer Deposition Pioneer Targets Medical Device Coating Applications

Oct 15, 2018

The Picosun Group, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with a global footprint, is a premier provider of atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin-film coating technology used in the fabrication of computer chips, light-emitting diodes, timepieces, medical equipment and more. The company recently expanded its portfolio of products for medical device manufacturers with the launch of PicoMEDICAL solutions. The PicoMEDICAL product line bundles the ALD process, equipment, services and support into a complete turn-key package that can be integrated into a company's manufacturing process flow, even if it has no experience with ALD technology. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

ALD is a thin-film coating method that builds from the bottom up. It uses sequential, self-limiting and surface-controlled gas-phase chemical reactions—the gases won’t react until they come in contact with a surface. Consecutive atomic layers are deposited on a surface in cycles until the desired film thickness is reached. The film formation mechanism produces a dense material that is free of cracks, defects and pinholes, explains Picosun on its website. The process can be performed at low temperatures, allowing the coating of polymers and other sensitive materials. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

Ultra-thin, biocompatible and bioactive ALD films manufactured with Picosun’s production equipment currently encapsulate surgical implants, improving their adhesion to bone. This speeds up the healing process and protects the patient from possible metal ion leakage from the implant into the body. Picosun sees further opportunities for its technology in the medical wearables and implantable sensors space. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

Remote healthcare solutions rely on various wearable or implantable microelectronic sensors that monitor physiological functions, said the company in a news release. “Advanced neurological and cardiological treatments utilize implantable probes equipped with sophisticated, miniature electronics. All these devices require a reliable method to protect the implanted parts from corrosion caused by body fluids, and the patient from the rejection reaction caused by an ‘alien’ object in the body," said Picosun. "As several ALD materials are intrinsically biocompatible, and as the ALD method creates the highest quality coatings that form always pinhole-free, conformal, uniform and hermetic encapsulation around the coated object, ALD finds uses in all sectors of medical industries and offers atomic-level precise solutions to various challenges medical equipment manufacturers are now facing.” Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.

“As the inventors and pioneers of ALD, we at Picosun have the most extensive know-how to take ALD to new application areas," said Jani Kivioja, Chief Technology Officer of the Picosun Group. "Our aim is to utilize ALD to improve the quality of life for all of us, so healthcare industries, such as orthopedic and dental implants, implantable sensors, neural stimulators, and stents manufacturing, are our next big target market. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of ALD, and our comprehensive selection of not only equipment but full-scale technology consultancy and service products, makes us the ideal strategic partner for all medical equipment manufacturers who need a revolutionary solution to keep spearheading their industries,” added Kivioja. Game supply and game card sleeve and trading card sleeve and soft card holder.